GOOD NEWS Lovely Gossip Freaks! Mammoth's fake and stolen History Book failed to pass Round #2 in Small Press Idol, and that means MY book will stand victorious in the end!

The comic with us will see print of course, first as a 12-page story in a future MVA (Mysterious Visions Anthology http://www.dimestoredistro.com/advanced_search_result.html?y=10&x=21&inc_subcat=1&categories_id=18&search_in_description=1&keyword=DSP-MVA-) published by Dimestore Productions and distributed by HAVEN http://www.havendistro.com/

Untill then, we'll keep up with current news and events, discovering together the fabulous lives of the Eurasia's Elite!


This Is Outrageous!

Humm...I'm really dissapointed. I really am, because, I just finished reading the Round #2 materials.

Why? Well, anyone that knows me and keeps track of my stuff, and that means EVERY FRACKING DINO IN THE EURASIA, You are very well aware of the fact that the Mammoth's attempt to write a History Book wasn't the FIRST ONE!

The first Book about Us as species and how our community works, was written by me, GOSSIP DINO!

This Mammoth-thing is a Spoof of MY work, and be sure to wait for the lawsuits, U HEAR ME U BIG UGLY ELEPHANT??


Anyway, here's a strip from MY auditions, part of the old tapes I keep in my Gossip Closet.


Round #2 Baaa-by!

I'm back with news, Eastern Upsiders!

Our Comic is officially in Round #2 right now, and it needs the votes of every punny, little human it can get!

Unfortunatelly they don't allow dinosaurs or other species to vote for it, but what can we do?
Go and check the Round #2 to see who among us passed the Audition and actually got a spot in it: http://www.dimestoreproductions.com/forum-t38372.html IF you like it, and want it to go to the sequential art stage, U, yes U, can Vote for it! All you have to do is to go and register here-> http://www.dimestoreproductions.com/signup.php where the official forum of the contest is, and when u get the Registration email, u go back here (the comic's thread that is) http://www.dimestoreproductions.com/forum-t38372.html and simply post a "YES" once a day, untill April 31. Thank you for your time, and tomorrow we'll have the first AUDITION Outtakes Strip online, Here! Peace!


Our Story in Paper!

Dear East and North Siders, your favorite gossip source is here with the hottest news from Dino Country! And what do I have for you this time!

It came to my attention, that a COMIC is going to be produced, based on our lives!

Yes true believers, finally someone is going to tell the story right this time, a History dude true to his name!

U don't believe me? Here's an exact copy of the pitch they wrote about the comic, which is also participating in a Modern-Age Funny-Papers Contest! SPI (short for Small Press Idol) 2009 A.C.!
They even draw a cover from back when T-Rexus had that disastrous Movie Night last year!

Enjoy this "Round 1" submisson, and 'till next time,


"In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth. 

And God said:

Let there be Light; let there be Darkness.

Let there be a Firmament in the midst of the Waters; and let it divide the Waters.

And it was so.

And God made Dry Land as well, and gave names to the Waters and the Land, which was dry (as he already had dictated.)

And it was Good.

And God created the Days and the Weeks, or something like that, and blah blah, and…hmm…he also created Beasts, Creatures and the Human kind.

After a few Days, he gifted humans with the ability to improvise; and to the wild beasts, he gave technology. And it was Good - but unfair to the humans.

And the Age of Wheel came in for the humans, right after the Age of MSN ™  Messenger for the beasts (also known as Dinosaurs).

And the Dinosaurs were happy. And all this happened during the Mesozoic era.

And the Humans were angry with God for choosing those ugly creatures to become Technology Freaks instead of them.

And the Humans rebelled, and it was ...well, weird and confusing. 

And then Humans rewrote History. And for thousands of centuries, the truth about the Age of the Dinosaurs had been perverted.

DINOS is your only source to that truth: A story narrated in 2 different ways, with a mixture of comic storytelling and comic strips.

The time has finally come for us to know exactly how those magnificent, long extinct creatures, the Dinosaurs, could use a vacuum cleaner without three-phase current!"